Discovering the Beautiful Regions of Italy with a Vespa

Photo by Vincent Versluis on Unsplash

The Vespa Trip is a one-of-a kind adventure that will take you to the most famous and beautiful Italian villages on an authentic Vespa.

Forget the busses, trains or rental cars and live the real adventure on Italian wheels. The Vespa Trip brings you to one of these three beautiful regions in Italy; Tuscany, Sicily and the Amalfi Coast. But the Vespa Trip is not only about the destination, it is about the journey.

Solo-Adventurer or in a Group:
You can experience the Vespa Trip all on your own with a roadblock and GPS or you can follow the Vespa Trip Guide and experience it together with other Vespa-trippers.

Accommodation is included and arranged for you. It is usually a 3 or 4-stars hotel with an occasional pool. Once you have chosen your destination, the hotels will be mentioned on the specific page of that destination.

A daily breakfast is included. Regarding dinner, the Vespa Trip organisers recommend you the best Italian restaurants. You can opt for this one and have dinner with other Vespa-trippers or pick your own place to have dinner. It’s totally up to you.

Carrying your Luggage on the Vespa?
Of course not. Your luggages are being transported from one hotel to the other in the Vespa van.