Doha’s Skyscrapers Are the Crown Jewels of Qatar’s Modern Architecture

Doha, Qatar's skyscrapers
Doha, Qatar. Photo by Radoslaw Prekurat on Unsplash

If you’re in the mood to explore Qatar’s modern architecture, the capital of Doha is a good place to start. This city simply wouldn’t be the same without its epic skyscrapers, and here are three that you couldn’t miss even if you tried while exploring this bustling metropolis.

Aspire Tower

At 980 feet, Aspire Tower is the highest skyscraper of Doha’s breathing skyline. It’s known by the nickname Doha Olympic Tower because it’s was built in honor of the Asian Games in 2006. Its wire mesh design gives it a unique look, while the tower itself resembles a large torch.

Doha Tower

Doha Tower is one of the symbols of the capital of Qatar, and it doesn’t need to be sky-high to be instantly recognizable. It’s known by the nickname Burj Doha, and its design was meant to seamlessly blend modern architecture with ancient Islamic motifs.

Tornado Tower

Just like Doha Tower, this skyscraper managed to gain a reputation as one of Doha’s most recognizable buildings without being extremely tall. It got this name because its design resembles a tornado emerging from the sea. The real magic starts when the building lights up at night, creating the impression of a twisting tornado.