Don’t Miss America’s Top Horse Racing Venues

The best horseracing venues in the U.S.
Image via cquigley/depositphotos

Horse racing season in the United States is just around the corner. The U.S. has long been a hotspot for this sport which continues to grow in popularity thanks to its relaxed vibe and its status as a social event. If you have ever thought about checking out the American horse racing scene, don’t skip these three fantastic venues.

Churchill Downs

Louisville, Kentucky’s Churchill Grounds is the home of the Kentucky Derby and probably the most famous horse racing venue on Earth. The Derby typically packs in nearly 175,000 people in late spring, while other races throughout the year offer other opportunities to experience this park.

Pimlico Race Course

Baltimore, Maryland hosts the Pimlico Race Course, another Triple Crown venue in which the Preakness Stakes takes place every year. Hosting around two dozen events per year, the event combines music, racing, and drinks.

Belmont Park

The final race track and the third of the Triple Crown venues which you must see in the United States is Belmont Park, located on Long Island just east of Queens. The big city environment as this racetrack holding over 100,000 spectators is unforgettable.