Don’t Miss This Market When You Visit Jerusalem

Jerusalem, Israel
Jerusalem, Israel. Photo by Benjamin Recinos on Unsplash

Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, is a super popular tourist destination, much thanks to its rich cultural history, its important religious landmarks, and its diverse social fabric. But other than all those big and heavy concepts that the Holy City embodies, it’s also just a really fun place to hang out in. Downtown Jerusalem in particular is a bustling hub of shops, cafés, and restaurants combining the old with the new. One of the most attractive spots in this area for both locals and tourists is the Mahane Yehuda market.

The vibrant, colorful market, active throughout the week from Sunday to Friday, is filled with an incredible variety of food and drink stands alongside clothing, shoes, and souvenirs.

If you’re a foodie, you won’t be able to get enough of the endless options this market has to offer. Among other things, the Mahane Yehuda market is a great place to get fresh groceries like fruits and vegetables, fish, cheese, spices, and baked goods. But the real tourist attraction is the market’s culinary scene, including local foods like falafel, shawarma, and kanafeh alongside top-notch restaurants, cafés, and bars.

The market even has a vivid nightlife scene, and if you visit it after dark, you’ll find some great spots to get a drink or listen to some live music too.