Do’s And Don’ts When Flying With Children

Kid traveling
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

As many parents would understand, flying with children is no joke. After all, you not only have to stress about your trip but think about your kids’ wellbeing throughout. Here are some top do’s and don’ts to remember when flying with children.

Do: Walk With Them

Sitting still on a plane can be challenging for kids, especially when stuck on long-haul international flights. Consider getting up and taking your kids for walks down the aisle every now and then; just make sure not to bump or disturb others as you do.

Don’t: Let Them Run

Once you let your child get up from their seat, make sure not to let them run on the plane. In addition to causing noise, this will also cause bumping, contributing to the discomfort of other passengers.

Don’t: Take Children Without An Invite

While many people are opposed to leaving their kids with a babysitter or someone unfamiliar while attending an event, it’s better to not go at all then show up with a child who has not been invited. After all, not only might you upset the hosts of the wedding or other event, but you could also upset those people on the plane who get bothered by noise – particularly when it comes from a baby.