Dupe Destinations for Travelers on a Budget

Paros, Greece
Paros, Greece. Photo by Despina Galani on Unsplash

Travel is a wondrous and fulfilling thing, but even with careful planning, it’s not exactly cheap. To add insult to injury, the most in-demand destinations also tend to be the most expensive to visit. As much as we’d love to have the freedom to travel anywhere, anytime, sometimes we have to work with what we’ve got. Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable locations that are remarkably similar to more popular hot spots. Read on to learn more about some of the best “dupe destinations” for travelers on a budget.

Instead of Paris, Check Out Budapest

Often described as “the Paris of the East”, Budapest, Hungary exhibits an architectural grandeur reminiscent of The City of Lights through its intricate bridges, elegant cathedrals, and winding cobblestone streets. While its old-world charm is comparable to Paris, the cost of living in Budapest is on average 46% lower than that of the French capital.

Instead of Santorini, Visit Paros

If Greece is on your radar but the cost is a concern, skip expensive hot spots and consider Paros as a more budget-friendly alternative. With its pristine beaches and a culture defined by Greek hospitality, the island has a similar feel to Santorini with a fraction of the crowds for a fraction of the price. Spend your days surfing and lounging in the sun, or explore the local villages including Parikia and Naousa.

Instead of Seoul, Try Taipei

As the 9th most expensive city in the world, the South Korean capital of Seoul can’t exactly be described as “affordable,” and for cost-conscious travelers, Taipei makes for an ideal dupe. With a vibrant street food scene and a unique mix of modern and traditional architecture, the Taiwanese capital offers an equally enriching experience with a much lower price tag than other Asian metropolises.