Europe’s Cheapest Cities For Backpackers

Image by RmX86 from Pixabay

Backpacking through Europe is a dream of many travelers, and it can easily turn into a reality with a bit of budget planning. Check out these attractive, yet affordable cities that are perfect for backpackers on a budget.

Bruges, Belgium

Medieval buildings, colorful scenery and Chocolate Museum are only a few of many reasons why Bruges is one of the top European destinations among tourists. Luckily, Bruges was named one of the cheapest cities in Europe, which makes it a must-visit place for travelers on a budget.

Berlin, Germany

The capital of Germany is the creative, financial and artistic center of Europe, and it’s also surprisingly cheap compared to other European capitals. You can easily find plenty of cheap hostels that offer comfortable accommodation at affordable prices.

Thessaloniki, Greece

The second largest city in Greece is a lively and vibrant place, perfect for lovers of the arts, history and culture. Thessaloniki is an affordable destination, where you can explore ancient monuments and enjoy beautiful beaches, all in one place.

Budapest, Hungary

With its vibrant streets, breathtaking architecture and numerous historical sites, Budapest is by far the most charming city in Eastern Europe. It offers a wide range of cheap hostels and affordable Airbnbs, where you can spend a few nights while exploring the city.

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