Explore Amazing Architecture Around the World With Virtual Tours

Virtual traveling is more popular than ever now that we don’t get to leave our homes and travel the world physically. If you’re a fan of architecture, here’s how you can check out some of the most impressive places in the world.

Versailles Palace, France

Many people had planned to visit Paris this spring and had to cancel those plans, but you can still see beautiful Versailles Palace online on this link. The tour is available on the Google Arts & Culture website along with many other things you can explore.

Walt Disney Concert Hall, California

The Walt Disney Concert Hall in L.A., California, was designed by architect Frank Gehry and just celebrated its 16th anniversary. Here are many different virtual tours you can take if you want to explore every corner of this beautiful building.

Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House currently offers digital program that you can watch online, but you can also check out this virtual tour on Google Arts & Culture website.