Explore New Zealand’s Stunning Landscapes with the Young Adventuress

Liz Carlson, aka the Young Adventuress, describes herself as “cynical but kind. Nature frother & #birdnerd.” An American settled in New Zealand, her online blog and Instagram page are dedicated to her travels and adventures.

“I am passionate about things like good coffee, reading, being outside and conservation work (both here in New Zealand and overseas), Antarctica and believe that we are in the world to do good and to grow as much as we can,” explains Carlson on her personal blog.

A former nomad, she talks about the leap of faith she made when quitting her day job and hitting the road. “Seven years ago I walked into my boss’ office, told him to stuff it,” she writes, “and then moved to New Zealand and began blogging full-time and developed a deep and abiding love for men in stubbies and gumboots. I haven’t been deported yet and haven’t looked back since.”

Her online platforms offer more than just a glimpse into the incredible scenery New Zealand has to offer. Seen through the eyes of a seasoned traveler, the Young Adventuress provides the ideal guide to anyone contemplating a visit to the island country. When travel is permitted, that is…