The Best Museums to Visit In Shanghai

Shanghai is an amazing city with a unique cultural history. Many tourists visit Shanghai for its superb skyline but return to discover more about the city’s unique history and rich culture.

Here are the best museums to visit if you are visiting the city.

Shanghai Natural History Museum

The Shanghai Natural History Museum contains sculptures and artifacts from all over the world. The unique design of the museum makes it feel as if you are entering a surreal, neo-prehistoric world. There’s also a bunch of great activities for children.

Shanghai Museum

Shanghai Museum is free to visit and showcases a vast collection of Chinese art and artifacts. It’s a great place to learn about the city’s cultural history and new exhibits are launched each month.

Propaganda Poster Art Centre

The Propaganda Poster Art Centre contains a collection of 5,000 pieces of Maoist Communist propaganda art. If you are interested in recent Chinese history, this intriguing museum is worth a visit.