Explore the Architecture of Timișoara, Romania in These Three Spots

Timișoara, Romania
Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash

Timișoara is one of Romania’s most charming cities, and one day is usually all it takes to explore all the beautiful places that it has in store. If you’re an architecture lover visiting this city, here are three spots that will take your breath away.

Timișoara Orthodox Cathedral

This Romanian Orthodox cathedral in Timișoara is one of the most recognizable symbols of the city, and it’s truly a marvel of Neo-Moldavian architecture. It’s instantly recognizable thanks to its colorful, beautifully decorated domes with intricate mosaic patterns.

Fabric Synagogue

The synagogues in Timișoara will also take your breath away with their architectural richness, and this building is the perfect example. It was built in the Neo-Moorish style by the famed Hungarian architect Lipot Baumhorn, who was in charge of designing some of the most notable synagogues across Europe.

Piața Unirii

Union Square is the oldest square in Timișoara, and it’s a safe haven for architecture lovers visiting this city thanks to the many beautiful buildings on its premises. The Roman Catholic Dome is the most notable one, but there are many more buildings with colorful facades surrounding it.