Explore the World’s Finest Wineries with Penny Sadler

Travel blogger Penny Sadler is a wine enthusiast. A makeup-artist-turned-travel-and-wine-writer, she admits to having a bad case of wanderlust.

An adventurer first and foremost, a favorite quote of Sadler is “If adventures not befall a young lady in her own village, she must seek them abroad” (Jane Austen).

Her blog and accompanying social media pages offer first-hand accounts of the places Sadler travels to—including intimate details of tours, wineries, restaurants, hotels, and more.

“You might find me stomping through vineyards in the Italian countryside, or flying over Napa Valley wineries in a hot air balloon,” she explains on her website. “But most of all, you will find me wandering through the streets and alleyways looking for the unseen, overlooked, hiding in plain sight, stories and connections, that make life exciting.”

Recent posts include Sustainable Winemaking at Utopia Vineyards in Willamette Valley and a call to Travel Italy Through a Glass of Prosecco (something we can get behind!).

“The best vacation I’ve ever taken is usually the most recent,” she admits in an interview with Travel Awaits, “because I only travel to places I am sincerely interested in. That said, I loved Alsace, France. The wines are my favorite, and the people are so lovely. I’m also crazy for Rome! I loved it from the moment I first saw it—and I always will.”

Describing herself as a curious person, Sadler is interested in learning, creating, self-discovery, connecting with people, having adventures, and discovering beauty.

“Because travel is about more than the destination, Adventures of a Carry-on is a metaphor for the experiences we bring back with us and the parts of ourselves we take with us,” she writes on her website.

If you yourself are a wine enthusiast, you will enjoy what her blog has to offer.