Fall in Love with Books in Mexico City’s Mega Library

Mexico City is home to several tourist attractions that are straight out of a book lover’s dream, but none of them compares to Biblioteca Vasconcelos – an enormous mega library that contains an ocean of books spread across 38,000 square meters.

It took three years and millions of dollars to complete this wonder of modern architecture, named after Mexican writer and philosopher José Vasconcelos. Architects Alberto Kalach was in charge of its design, and he set out to create one of the most advanced buildings in his home country.

This mega library has been attracting bookworms and architecture lovers alike since it first opened its doors in 2006. It features several sculptures that will take your breath away, including Gabriel Orozco’s Whale, which became one of the most recognizable symbols of this cultural institution over the years.

Biblioteca Vasconcelos comes with a total of six floors and it will take you days to explore them all. Transparent walls and intricate networks of balconies and paths at this enormous library will make you feel like you entered a labyrinth filled with thousands of books that are waiting just for you.