Fans of Classic Architecture Have to See These Buildings in Guadalajara, Mexico

Guadalajara, Mexico's Rotonda de los Jaliscienses Ilustres.
Rotonda de los Jaliscienses Ilustres. Photo by Roman Lopez on Unsplash

Guadalajara is best known for being home to tequila and mariachi music, but its colonial architecture is right behind. If you’re an architecture lover visiting this Mexican city, make sure to put these three buildings on your travel itinerary.

Guadalajara Cathedral

This ornate cathedral built during the 16th and 17th centuries is one of the symbols of Guadalajara. It was designed in the Spanish Renaissance style, with the exception of its Neo-gothic spires, and it’s well known for being home to the relics of St. Innocent.

Templo Expiatorio del Santísimo Sacramento

Another important religious building in Guadalajara, this neo-Gothic church is a true marvel of classic architecture, both inside and out. It took 75 years to finish its construction, but this building was worth the wait and it’s now instantly recognizable thanks to its clock tower, mosaics, and stained glass decorations.

Rotonda de los Jaliscienses Ilustres

Located in close proximity to the Cathedral of Guadalajara, this rotunda is one of the city’s most picturesque landmarks. It features 17 fluted columns, and its main purpose is to honor Jalisco’s artists, musicians, and historical leaders whose impact transcends through history.