Feel Like A Real Ninja In The Ninja Restaurant, NYC

New York offers a stunning number of good classic restaurants where you can enjoy a nice meal in the evening. But, if you would like to experience something different and unique, the Ninja restaurant is the place to go!  


This eccentric restaurant is located on Hudson Street in Manhattan and is an unbelievable trip to the Japanese middle ages. Upon arriving, an elevator will take you to the restaurant (more like a Japanese village) where you will be welcomed by a ninja, who will take you to your table. Expect ninja screams along the way and during your stay as the staff take the theme pretty seriously! 


The interior of the restaurant is pretty authentic and you will feel like you are far from New York. The menu is very varied and as expected it serves traditional Japanese dishes. The sushi here is fantastic so definitely don’t skip on that! 

If you order a dish that is marked with a ninja star, it comes with special performance where the ninja will bring a ‘potion’ to the table and you will get a special chore. Finally, the prices are a bit higher than normal but this unique experience is worth every penny!