Floating Cycling Over Agua Azul Waterfall In Mexico

Photo: yaderian/Instagram

The Agua Azul waterfalls are located in Southern Mexico, and they are a spectacular natural marvel. “Agua Azul” translates to “Blue Water,” which makes sense when you see the color of the water cascading from the clifftop


The water gets its blue color from its high mineral content. The lakes are clear and the pools are perfect for swimming. The best place to view the falls, however, is from above.


Visitors can now cycle on a wire above the waterfalls. The bicycles are connected to the wire and cyclists will also be equipped with a harness. Still, it’s pretty high up so it probably isn’t the best activity for the faint of heart.

If you can stomach the height, however, you will get to enjoy beautiful views of the falls from the skies. To get to the falls, take a taxi from Palenque town. There are cabins available on sight if you wish to stay overnight.