Four Breathtaking National Parks In Madagascar For The Most Devoted Nature-Lovers

Madagascar is one of the most colorful and naturally diverse places on Earth, which makes it a real paradise for naturalists and outdoorsmen. If you decide to travel to this magical island, these are the most famous national parks you simply have to visit!

Andasibe National Park   

Just a few hours away from Antananarivo, you can find this incredible national park that’s celebrated for its unique fauna, which includes more than ten species of lemurs and many other indigenous species of birds and reptiles.

Amber Mountain National Park  

This national park, located in the far north of the island, is mostly famous for its diverse terrain. Here you will be able to visit forests, rainforests, and the jewel of the park – its stunning waterfalls.

Anakarafantsika National Park  

This national park, hidden deeply in the north-western part of Madagascar, is a sanctuary for more than 100 species of birds. The park has 11 different marked trails, which make navigation through it pretty easy.

Lokobe National Park  

You will have to hire a boat to reach this park, but we assure you the experience will be worth the trip. The last home of the unique Sambirano forest, Lokobe is a unique monument to nature.