France’s Wine Capital, Bordeaux, is a Fascinating Destination

Photo by Guillaume Flandre on Unsplash

Located in the southwest of France is Bordeaux, the epicenter of wine culture in the most wine-crazed nation on Earth.

You don’t have to love wine to enjoy a trip to Bordeaux, which has much more to offer.

Bordeaux is beautifully situated on the banks of the Garonne River. This river gives life to the world-famous Bordeaux wine region, located just outside of the city and easily accessible for visitors.

If you love wine, be sure to make a day trip to visit some of the nearby chateauxs in the gorgeous regions of Medoc and Saint-Emilion to enjoy the scenery and the wine. Located inside of the city itself is La Cite du Vin, a modern museum explaining the history of winemaking.

Even if you aren’t a grape lover, Bordeaux has plenty to offer. Walking through its streets provides visitors with a taste of its stunning 18th-century cosmopolitan architecture.

The Place de la Bourse is a square on the banks of the Garonne which has a beautiful water mirror which is truly breathtaking on a nice day.

Last but not least, you absolutely must visit Bordeaux’s breathtaking Saint-Andre Cathedral. This Romanesque church dates back to the 11th century and is complemented by a 15th century Gothic bell tower which offers stunning views of the city.

Run, don’t walk, to Bordeaux, and be prepared to drink it all in!