Get Up Close and Personal With Elephants in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Photo by Tim Durgan on Unsplash

Elephants are gentle animals that should never be ridden or used for work like logging. Instead, they should be allowed to roam in their natural habitat, and when that is not an option, they should be cared for in special elephant sanctuaries.

In Chiang Mai, Thailand there is an elephant sanctuary that has dedicated itself to rehabilitating elephants who have been forced to work. If you have been searching for a day trip or a holiday in which you can learn about and care for these gentle giants, then head over to the Elephant Nature Park.

There’s a variety of packages to choose from. If you only have a day to spend, then choose the day package. It includes time spent feeding the elephants from the viewing platform, a lunch, bathing the elephants in the river, and simply learning about their stories from the mahouts. 

If you have a bit more time, you can stay at the Park, and volunteer your time with the elephants and the animal rehabilitation center. The Park also has a dedicated area for dogs, cats, and other animals that require care before they can be rehomed. 

Visits range from $80 for a single day, to $400 for a week.