Vaccine Passports: The Next Travel Trend?

Photo by Victor He on Unsplash

As the world continues to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and looks to make strides to return to normalcy, one of the things that we might be able to do sooner rather than later is travel internationally and get back to doing what we love: visiting new places.

The distribution of COVID-19 vaccines has gotten underway and represents a significant turning point in the fight against the disease. And this development, according to much speculation, could be big news for travel as well.

Nearly all international travel for leisure is, at this point, prohibited. But as countries begin to open up for tourists and travelers, there is something that could be required or highly advantageous: a vaccine passport.

A vaccine passport is a potential idea for those who have received the COVID-19 vaccination that would serve as a sort of proof of immunity when it comes to the virus and could become required or highly recommended for entry into certain countries.

Some countries have already begun taking steps towards implementing this step for travelers, with the option of only allowing entry to travelers who possess this document or only allowing travelers who don’t have this document to enter with a mandatory negative COVID-19 test upon arrival.

So, when you start to think about planning post-pandemic travel, keep in mind that this new, proposed document could become essential for getting where you need to go!