Get Your Kicks on Route 66: Texas

Photo by Cathalin on Pixabay

The great state of Texas has a lot to offer, but Route 66 only goes through a small part of it – the Panhandle. But don’t worry, there’s still stuff to see in the Lone Star State.

Amarillo, TX

Are you hungry like the wolf? The Big Texan Ranch has got you covered! You can get a 72oz steak there!!… But can you finish it?

Right outside Amarillo, you’ll find the Cadillac Ranch. What’s not to like about an art installation in the middle of the desert of a bunch of cadillacs sprouting front-up out of the ground? To top it off, the cars are covered in graffiti done by all of the previous visitors to the site, and you too can bring a can of spray and get creative!

Conway, TX

The Bug Ranch, much like the Cadillac Ranch, includes cars coming out of the earth, this time with their back ends up in the sky.

Shamrock, TX

If you’re a fan of the movie Cars, you can check out the U-Drop Inn service station in Shamrock, which inspired Ramone’s garage.

McLean, TX

If you somehow missed the Route 66 Museum in Oklahoma, you have a chance for a do-over in McLean, TX. In the same building, you’ll also find the Devil’s Rope, which will tell you everything you need to know about barbed-wire.

Groom, TX

From a Giant Cross to a leaning water tower… Groom has something for everyone!

Adrian, TX

Congratulations, you’ve halfway through Route 66! Celebrate it with the Ugly Crust Pie at the Midpoint Cafe!

Our road trip is almost over, with only three more states to go! Join us next week as we drive into New Mexico.