These Few Things Need To Be Packed In Your Hiking Backpack

Photo by Hermann on Pixabay

If you want to have a fun and memorable – and not traumatic – hiking experience, then you should pack your backpack carefully. Regardless of the place you are going to, there are important essentials you should bring on your adventure.

Extra bottle of water

Bringing with you an extra bottle of water is a must! Without enough water, your body will dehydrate and will not perform well. You could even get sick if you don’t consume enough fluid.

Extra food

You can get hungry and lost your energy in the middle of nowhere. So, it is better to have an extra banana, orange or a sandwich. But keep in mind bringing food that isn’t perishable.

Map and compass

In case the GPS doesn’t work on your phone, the old-school map and compass can help you with your orientation.

Flashlight and light

In case you got caught in the dark, a flashlight is a must-have item to see where you are stepping. As well as a light. The warmth of the fire can help you get worm or it can be used as a torch or signal for help.

First-aid kit

You can buy a prepacked first-aid kits for hikers or you can pack your own. Tissues, band aids, antiseptic cream for small cuts, paracetamol and anti-histamine tablets are the essentials in every hiker’s first-aid kit.

Knife or a multi-purpose tool

It is a versatile hand tool that combines several individual functions in a single unit: knife, reamer, bottle-opener-screwdriver-wire stripper and a can-opener-screwdriver.