Get Your Travel Inspo with Brooke Saward

Brooke Saward is a seasoned traveler and a self-proclaimed daydreamer. With more than 70 countries under her belt, she’s amassed a massive following along the way (573k fans on Instagram and counting). “Life was not meant to be lived in one place,” reads her mantra, and one we’d like to follow.

According to Saward, most of her travels are solo. “I travel by myself 90% of the time, yet am sometimes joined by family, friends, and even readers,” she explains on her website, where she encourages other women to follow suit. “The next question is more often than not ‘don’t you get scared traveling alone!?’ and the answer is an overwhelming no!” she admits. “I often write about how hard it can be at times, but I really do love traveling solo as an experience and think it is something we should all experience at some stage in our lives.”

She explains that traveling alone can be an experience of a lifetime, especially for women. “You don’t need a travel companion to enjoy yourself, explore a new country, or embrace a culture, unlike one you’ve never been immersed in before,” stresses Saward. In many ways, her guidance is the ideal travel companion, as she explains the ins and outs of solo travelling.

But what does a seasoned traveler do in the age of Coronavirus? Buckle up, basically. “For a girl who couldn’t sit still, suddenly that’s all I can do,” reads a recent post by Saward. According to Saward, she dedicates this time to working on her memoir. “This memoir has been eight years in the making with as many break ups, bad decisions, lost luggage, and loneliness,” she writes, candidly.

You’d want to follow her in any case.

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[Stories s02] When the models made their final lap of the runway, I slid out from my seat and made a beeline for the open bar. THAT is why you go to fashion shows, people. There’s an endless stream of free booze and bite-sized food called canapés, which I still think is a name the French made up for under-catering events. My parents always told me there is safety in numbers, so I wasted no time befriending two lovely ladies from Texas who were also in town for the event and similarly displeased (as I’d expect for Texans) by the tiny food portions. Those poor waiters started avoiding our table after we’d wipe a tray clean! The goat’s cheese tartlets didn’t stand a chance. In classic style of the character I play in my own life, I start knocking back glasses of champagne. One…two….three…MORE! In a room full of sexy people and six foot something models, I find comfort in knowing champagne gets you drunk faster (its a fact, according to a quick google search). And google never lies more than the guys I date, so? Somewhere approaching 10:00pm he finds me. In a sea of beautiful people just standing there *being* beautiful, I’m the girl falling over herself telling a story to my new friends from Texas. But I’m not just telling a story, I’m re-enacting it. With hand gestures. With full body movements. All of my limbs… all of the volume! “There you are” he spoke softly. “I’ve been looking for you all night”. He has? “You have?” I respond. “But of course!” He says with a grin. Ahh, the Spanish. They find a way to make something so ordinary sound like as if it were a romance novel coming to life. “Would you like to dance?” He asks rhetorically with his hand already extended, ready to take mine. I do a quick scout of the crowd around me, who I’m sure I haven’t seen dancing all night. But in that moment of quickly turning, the room is suddenly turning with me, spinning, and without intending to, I’m half way to the floor when he catches me. To be continued…🍷🍷🍷

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