Going on a Cruise? Pack These Items in Cases of Seasickness

Cruises are one of the most popular vacation options for people who are looking to soak up some sun and hot weather. While these boat trips can certainly be a lot of fun, those of us who struggle with motion sickness might end up suffering from seasickness during the ocean voyage. This uncomfortable sensation of nausea can be relieved, however, if you know what things to pack in your bag when going on a cruise. Be sure to take these three must-haves with you.


This over-the-counter nausea drug is one of your best allies in the fight against seasickness. Take your first dosage about an hour before boarding the boat and then follow the package’s instructions throughout your voyage in order to avoid feeling sick.


Seasickness is made even worse if you’re cruising on an empty stomach, but it might be hard to eat if you are feeling nauseous. Taking plain saltine crackers with you on the boat can help fill your stomach a bit without seeming like a daunting task to eat while you don’t feel well.


Ginger is lauded for its anti-nausea properties and can be a big ally in the fight against seasickness while cruising. Preparing a ginger tea or adding a bit of ginger to your food can help your stomach settle and help you start feeling better almost instantly.