Guide to Bali’s Best Beach Clubs

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

If you haven’t sat down a beach club with a cocktail in your hand while enjoying the company of your new international friends – have you even been to Bali? This dream island is popular for a lot of things, but the beach clubs are a very high priority on every Bali lover’s bucket list. Here is the list of the absolute must-experience beach clubs before you leave!

Potato Head Beach Club

Located in Seminyak, Potato Head is probably one of the more famous beach clubs in Bali. The design is tropical, yet modern and the food and drinks are delicious! Tourist tip: Get there early so you can take the good seats and relax all day long!

Ku De Ta 

Another famous beach club in Seminyak, Ku De Ta, is one of the oldest clubs in Bali. It’s known for having a chill and laid back atmosphere, with just the right amount of party. Head to Ku De Ta for sunset and you won’t regret it!

La Brisa

This beach club is pretty new to the scene but has made a huge buzz already! Walking into La Brisa feels like you’re walking onto the set of Castaway, and you’ll never want to leave. Located next to the famous Echo Beach in Canggu, which is surfers’ paradise, this place is definitely the definition of chill vibes!

Karma Beach Club

This hidden paradise is nestled in between the cliffs of Uluwatu. If you are looking for a beach club with tropical, beachy vibes, Karma is definitely it. Whether you just want to tan on the white sand beach or paddleboard through the turquoise waters, one thing is sure: You’re going to be very relaxed at the end of the day!

El Kabron

Located in Bingin Beach, this is the place to be for the sunset lovers. It is also open during the day but the afternoon is the time where El Kabron becomes interesting. They have incredible food, fun cocktails, and the best sunset view of them all – not a bad way to end your day!