Have Vacation Days Left in 2020? Here’s How to Make the Most of Them

Photo by Anders Wideskott on Unsplash

2020 has flown by and believe it or not, we’re already in the last quarter of the year. When making your New Year’s resolutions, you probably thought a lot about traveling, but those plans were put on hold by the time March rolled around. Now that the world is starting to open back up, you may be wondering how to use your vacation days this year and where to go. Once you figure out how many days you have to use, use these recommendations to take a much needed holiday.

2 Days: Tour Your Town

Use your vacation time to explore parts of your town you haven’t thought to visit in the past. Book a stay in a different neighborhood or visit a restaurant you’ve been meaning to try out.

5 Days: Head to the Beach

Chances are that you’ve been spending a ton of time inside, and before summer’s over, make sure you soak up some sun at the beach. Island destinations are starting to open back up to tourists, so recharge and relax at a resort and take advantage of all the amenities.


7 Days: Stay at a Luxurious Retreat

If you have the time, why not book a stay at a luxurious resort? You’ll get delicious dining, world-class amenities, and fun activities for the whole family. If you’re looking to plan a vacation on a budget, check out Airbnb spots.

10 Days: Take a Road Trip

There’s nothing quite like a road trip and it’s a great way to reconnect with nature. No matter where you live, there’s a road trip waiting for you to explore.

14 Days: Explore National Parks

If you didn’t get a chance to use your vacation days, it’s time to enjoy national parks. Go ahead and rent an RV and explore the American Southwest on a trip through Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and California and visit national parks like the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and Zion.