Have You Ever Wondered What Heidi’s Village Looks Like?

Do you remember the magical story about the girl who fell in love with the Swiss mountainside? Yes, we’re talking about little Heidi, who had a heart as pure as the milk her goats gave her every morning! 

If your childhood fantasies came to life while reading this, we are here to tell you that now you can visit the village Heidi grew up in!  

The city of Maienfeld in Switzerland created a memorial house in the village Ober Rofels, completely dedicated to the memory of Heidi, Peter and their families.

The village is not as glamorous as Disneyland, but instead it is one of the most charming little places you’ll ever see. Heidi’s house today is a refurbished museum and everything inside is made out of wood in order to reflect how rural life looked 120 years ago.  

There are tiny windows to keep the snow out during the winter, small chairs and tables, and a cellar full of wine, cheese and bread. Next to the house you can find a mini country road to take you high up in the Alps. And what’s sweetest of all, you can spot Clara’s wheelchair in the yard!  

Childhood memories are the best memories, so let yourself be a child once again by living like the little heroine Heidi for a day!