Head to Vermont, U.S. for a Romantic Getaway

Huntington, Vermont, USA
Photo by Finlay Buchanan Jacobs on Unsplash

Tucked away in the Northeastern United States, the quaint state of Vermont may be small, but this doesn’t mean it’s got plenty to offer. In fact, this is an ideal state to enjoy a romantic vacation. Here are some of the most charming hotels and inns where you can take your soulmate for an intimate getaway.

Green Mountain Inn

The cozy vacation destination is located in the town of Stowe, which proves to be a stereotype of exactly what tourists think of when they arrive in the state of Vermont. In fact, this cozy inn has stood for over 140 years, providing plenty of history within the walls of this elegant establishment.

Woodstock Inn & Resort

Surrounded by Vermont’s famous Green Mountains, this is the perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. With amenities such as four restaurants, daily afternoon tea, and a 10,000-foot spa, the Woodstock Inn & Resort oozes luxury.

Trapp Family Lodge

If you love the idea of traveling abroad without needing a passport, then the Trapp Family Lodge is an ideal resort for you. With its Austrian-style architecture and furnishings, you and your partner will feel as if you’ve been transported to Europe for a quick getaway.