Helsinki, Finland is Home to Some Pretty Unique Churches

Helsinki Cathedral, Helsinki, Finland
Photo by Tapio Haaja on Unsplash

Churches showcase remarkable architectural beauty and historical significance, and they’re worth checking out in each new city you visit. Helsinki is no different, and you’ll stumble upon some pretty show-stopping and unique churches while exploring the capital of Finland.

Helsinki Cathedral

Located at Senate Square, this cathedral is one of the most distinctive landmarks of Helsinki’s cityscape. It’s one of the city’s timeless symbols, and you’ll recognize its signature green domes from a mile away.

Temppeliaukion Church

Also known as Church of the Rock or Rock Church, Temppeliaukion is one of Helsinki’s most unique attractions. Built directly into solid rock, this church will knock you off your feet with its natural rock walls and copper dome ceiling.

Kamppi Chapel

Located in the very heart of Helsinki’s busy Kamppi neighborhood, this chapel was been built as a place of silent reflection. What makes it so unique is its minimalist wooden design, and you probably wouldn’t even guess it’s a chapel at first glance.

Uspenski Cathedral

One of the largest Orthodox churches in Western Europe, Uspenski Cathedral is located near Helsinki’s harbor and it will catch your eye with its red-brick walls, which stand in stark contrast to its distinctive green domes.