Here’s Why Zagreb Should Be on Your Travel List

Have you ever been to Croatia? Besides the wonderful coast that’s perfect for a summer vacation, Croatia has some other places that are absolutely worth visiting. The list starts with the capital Zagreb, an underrated but very cool European city that you can visit if you’re in the mood for unique and quirky travel adventure.

Most travelers who visit Croatia go to islands and coastal towns, but Zagreb has plenty to offer, too. Here are three reasons to visit it as soon as you get a chance.

Coffee Culture

If your idea of a perfect vacation includes drinking great coffee in relaxed cafés, Zagreb is a place for you. The cafés are more focused on the ritual of having coffee over a talk with friends than on the variety and quality of coffee itself, but it’s something you need to experience if you don’t have similar cafés at home.

Unusual Museums

Zagreb is the place where you can visit the Museum of Broken Relationships, Museum of Illusions, Torture Museum, and several others.

Croatian Brunch

You will hear Croatians refer to their late-morning meal as gablec or marenda. It’s pretty similar to brunch, given that the social component of it is very important. There are many places where you can go for gablec in Zagreb and the food is typically delicious and comforting.