Hidden Gem Cities in Oceania You Should Check Out

Oceania cities
Purnululu National Park, Kimberley. Image by Bäras/Wikipedia

When you travel, do you prefer to visit tourist traps or locations beloved by locals and untouched by the massive hordes of people who come through Oceania’s most popular cities like Melbourne every year? If your answer is “the latter” here are a few hidden gem cities you should consider visiting in Oceania.

Kimberley, Australia

Okay, Kimberley isn’t actually a city. In fact, it’s the northernmost of Australia’s nine regions. But you can see it all in one trip if you rent a car, so we’re including it on this list anyway. The Kimberley is low in population and known for rugged mountain ranges, huge gorges, a largely isolated coastline, the Gibb River Road, Windjana Gorge National Park, limestone cliffs, swimming holes, and freshwater crocodiles. It’s pretty majestic and well worth paying a visit.

Ulva Island, New Zealand

Just a five-minute taxi ride from the much more popular and touristy Stewart Island, Ulva Island is one of the few pest-free open sanctuaries in New Zealand. A safe haven for native rainforest species to flourish, you’ll be able to see rare birds and plants up close in a safe environment unspoiled by human activity. And we all know that’s pretty rare these days.