3 Reasons Airports Are Actually Awesome

Photo by Marco López on Unsplash

One of the most common pet peeves people have about traveling is the airports. Sure, the place you’re flying to might be awesome, but you have to stand through endless lines and security checkpoints to get there. The fact of the matter is, people always talk about airports with a hint of disdain in their voice—but here’s why we actually love them.

They Feel Exciting

If you’re in an airport, it’s because you’re about to fly somewhere (unless you’re dropping someone off or picking them up). If this is a trip to be excited about, there’s no reason the airport shouldn’t feel exciting as well. The way we see it, being in an airport before a fun trip is like an incubator of wonderful anticipation.

A Place to Reflect

Once you’ve gotten past all the lines and security checkpoints, you can finally relax at your gate. As you hang out waiting for your plane to board, there’s a certain energy present that doesn’t occur often. It’s an energy filled with reflection, as you think about the life events that brought you to this trip in the first place—and the future places you may end up.

The Endless Shops

Finally, airports are awesome because they’re basically like massive shopping malls. Granted, some airports are much better than others, but many of them have some truly amazing things to offer. From fancy restaurants to clothing stores, what could be better?