Hidden Gems at Walt Disney World, Orlando You Can’t Miss

Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World, FL, USA
Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World, FL, USA. Photo by Christian Lambert on Unsplash

Orlando’s Walt Disney World covers 25,000 acres, has four theme parks, and features more than 170 rides, among other attractions. This makes it impossible to see everything, which is why most people decide to hit its most popular offerings. 

In doing so, visitors are bound to miss out on some remarkable things. This is why we decided to highlight some of the hidden gems at Walt Disney World that you should check out during your next visit.

Silhouette Portraits Cart

Looking for a unique souvenir to bring home from Walt Disney World? Then make sure to visit Silhouette Portraits Cart. Here, an artist will cut out a silhouette of you from black paper and fit it on a Disney-themed frame.

Behind the Seeds Tour

If you enjoyed the Living with the Land ride, then you might want to consider booking the Behind the Seeds Tour. The tour takes you behind the scenes of this unique ride while allowing you to discover more about the agricultural methods used to keep The Land pavilion so majestic.

Wilderness Explorers

Wilderness Explorers will allow you to explore the Animal Kingdom park while having loads of fun doing that. It is envisioned as an interactive quest in which the participants learn more about the animals while collecting badges.

Harmony Barber Shop

Even if you don’t need a haircut, you should get one at Disney World’s Harmony Barber Shop. Besides receiving a stylish hairdo inspired by famous Disney characters, you can also ask for some pixie dust.