Hike the Former “Most Dangerous Hike in the World” in Spain

Photo by Mateusz Plinta on Unsplash

Located in the South of Spain, not too far from Malaga, is a popular path called El Caminito Del Rey. It used to be called the “Most Dangerous Hike in the World”—but then it was renovated and is now much safer for tourists to climb.

But although it’s safer to climb these days, it’s not hard to see why it was once dangerous. The 8-kilometer trek spends a fair amount of time curling around a vertical mountain face, with nothing but a slim pathway holding you up.

These days, the pathway is supported by state-of-the-art reinforcements. Back in the day, however, there wasn’t much holding up this rickety wooden walkway, which is how it earned its “most dangerous” nickname.

When it was initially built in the 20th century, King Alfonso XIII himself walked on this pathway. Since “Caminito Del Rey” means “King’s Path” in English, you can see how the hike received its name.

Most importantly, however, is that this hike is full of breathtaking views and gorgeous scenery. If you’re someone who enjoys a good selfie, this place has Instagram-worthy written all over it!