Any Trip to Hawaii Should Include These Experiences

Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

Hawaii is one of the gems of the Pacific Ocean, a collection of gorgeous islands that feature beaches and tropical weather and scenery. While many people who go to Hawaii do so simply to sit at a resort, sip cocktails, and relax, anyone who wants to get an authentic taste of the archipelago has plenty of opportunities to participate in authentically Hawaiian traditions. These are some that you might find worth checking out! 


Surfing is hugely popular in Hawaii thanks to the island chain’s privileged position in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Head to the island of Oahu for Hawaii’s best surfing beaches, but you can find plenty of places appropriate for both beginners and experts on any of the islands.

Hawaiian BBQ

The most popular cuisine in Hawaii is known as Hawaiian BBQ, but it probably isn’t like any other barbecue that you are familiar with. On the islands, you will find restaurants that serve up dishes like fried spam, kalua pork, and macaroni salad which are the most popular Hawaiian foods.


If you are lucky enough to find one or to be invited to one, a Hawaiian party and feast known as a luau is just about as quintessential as it gets. Traditional dress, dancing, and singing are other integral parts of this experience which is best done as close to the beach as possible.