Hit the Road: Exploring Some of Rt 66’s Best Stops

Route 66, USA
Route 66, USA. Photo by Morten Andreassen on Unsplash

If you’ve always wondered if Route 66 still kicks, it does! Route 66 is an iconic highway to drive down if you’re looking to explore the Midwest on the ultimate all American road trip. If this sounds like something your intrigued by, keep reading for some of our top destination recommendations along the way.

Chicago, Illinois

Start your midwest leg of the tour where Rt 66 begins. The “Windy City” has many known tourist attractions and is a popular destination for a reason! Explore Millennium Park and bask in the city’s rich architectural heritage before taking off! Stop for some deep dish pizza to get you fueled up for the next leg of your journey.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Delve into the iconic and rich history of the midwest and cowboy culture at the National Cowboy and Western Herritage Museum. Then head to the Bricktown district, for life entertainment and fine dining experiences. This is a great city to explore if you’re chasing the allure of the midwestern culture.

Cadillac Ranch, Texas

This stop is perfect for admirers of retro cars and the deep south. Check out the imaginative art installation of buried Cadillacs just west of Amarillo. This is an intriguing and memorable roadside attraction that will make the perfect stop along the way. Be sure to stop for some famous Texas BBQ if you get hungry, and ride a mechanical bull in some of the many famous joints that Texas is known for.

Petrified Forrest National Park, Arizona

Stop in Arizona and revel in some of the amazing views that will make you feel like you’re on Mars. This park is a marvel and offers picturesque views of petrified wood and vibrant badlands. This park is a breathtaking geological paradise, and the perfect addition for fans of nature, hiking, and, views.