How Far Are You Willing to Go for Pizza?

We will forever be grateful to the Italians for gifting us pizza. The classic dish can be as complex or simple as you like based on the toppings you choose to add. Some regional make theirs as thin as possible, while others are famous for their deep-dish variety. 

But a little pizzeria in Guatemala is making pizza like no one has imagined. 

Forget a wood-fired oven — Pizza Pacaya uses volcanic lava to cook its pies!

The Pacaya volcano first erupted 23,000 years ago. After being dormant for a number of decades, it has erupted vigorously since 1961, and chef David Garcia has taken advantage. 

“One day, I prepared a pizza, took it to the volcanic rocks, and in 14 minutes, it was ready,” he said. “The high temps from the nearby lava gave it an exclusive taste and an amazing crunch. I told myself, ‘This needs to continue.’”

Although Pacaya has become a popular tourist spot, it still requires visitors to endure a bumpy ride through the forest before either climbing to the top of the volcano or getting there on horseback. 

Pizza lovers can then sit on blankets over the volcanic rock and enjoy their unique pizza which takes just 10 minutes later.