How Slow Travel Can Enrich Your Life

Travel tips
Photo by Mesut Kaya on Unsplash

Traveling in any context is enriching. Getting to experience and learn about new cultures, histories, and languages can only add to your life, and it’s never something to take for granted. While we know that travel must often be planned around tight work schedules or with limited vacation time, we recommend spending a little more time in each place you visit if you have the opportunity. Slow travel is a philosophy centered around deeply experiencing a foreign place, usually over a period of a few weeks. There are no hard and fast rules for what it needs to look like, but we do have a few suggestions.

Stay with Locals

What better way to get to know the local way of life than to stay with people who are actually living it? Avoid touristy hotels and find a local family. There are plenty of Facebook groups and websites like Couchsurfing to help you find the perfect host wherever in the world you may travel.

Strike Up a Conversation

Avoid going straight to the internet when searching for the best local places. Head to a coffee shop and ask the barista about their favorite restaurants, or ask your host where they like to spend their free time. You may find some hidden gems that aren’t mentioned anywhere else.