Santiago, Chile is Home to Some Strangely Specific Museums

Chile museums
Santiago, Chile. Photo by Jeffrey Eisen on Unsplash

Museum dwellers exploring Chile will feel right at home in its capital of Santiago. This city is home to many museums covering everything from art and culture to science and history, but some of its most popular museums happen to be pretty quirky and strangely specific.

Museo de la Moda

If design and fashion happen to be two of your biggest fashions, you shouldn’t miss this tiny privately owned museum while in Santiago. Its collection includes everything from textiles and costumes to decorative arts and accessories, dating from the 50s and 60s to today.

National Aerospace Museum

You can find museums dedicated to different means of transportation scattered all around Santiago, and this one also falls under that category. It’s dedicated to aeronautical and space heritage, and it features exhibits, aircraft halls, and a special kid-friendly corner.

Mirador Interactive Museum

Interactive museums are always a great idea when you’re visiting a new city with your entire family, and Santiago has one in store. Mirador is home to many fun interactive exhibits related to science and technology, and people of all ages will enjoy it in equal measure.