Sky Tower is Home to Auckland’s Best Dining Spots

Sky Tower
Photo by Tristan Dixon on Unsplash

Sky Tower is one of the first tourist attractions that come to mind when someone mentions Auckland, New Zealand. From great views and extreme sports to casinos and hotels, it offers everything your heart desires, and its restaurants are also top of the line. If you’re in the mood for a fancy dinner, here are some of the best dining options that Sky Tower has in store.


Food lovers will be pretty impressed by Orbit’s extensive menu of local and international specialties, but the food isn’t actually its main draw. Orbit is New Zealand’s only rotating restaurant, and most people come here to enjoy the 360-degree panoramic views it offers.

The Sugar Club

The Sugar Club may not be spinning in circles, but the views you’ll find here will also take your breath away. It’s located on the 53rd floor of Sky Tower, and it’s best known for its signature cocktails and fine foods that you can enjoy in a relaxed atmosphere.

Sky Café

If you’re not in the mood for a meal and simply want to enjoy a nice cup of coffee with some amazing views, Sky Café is just the thing you need. Most people come here for drinks, but you’ll also find cheese, ice cream, and snacks on its menu.