Things to Do in Bhutan

Tiger’s Nest, Taktsang Trail, Bhutan. Photo by Kinshuk Bose on Unsplash

A haven of Buddhism on the eastern edge of the Himalayas, Bhutan is a gorgeous country known for its stunning landscapes, its fortresses and monasteries, and being a great place to hike. If you’re planning a visit, here are the things we most recommend doing while you’re there.

Visit the Tiger’s Nest Monastery

One of the most iconic sights in all of Bhutan is the Tiger’s Nest Monastery, also called Paro Taktsang, located at the side of a steep cliff wall. It’ll take two hours to hike up to the monastery, or you can hire a horse to take you up the hill. Either way, there is no doubt that it’s well worth seeing.

See the Buddha Dordenma

If you have any interest in Buddhism or just incredible statues, you should visit the Buddha Dordenma in Thimpu, a statute standing at a whopping 51 meters tall. A popular pilgrimage destination, there are tents and camps all around, and the people are very welcoming.

Meet a Takin

Have you ever heard of takin? This national animal of Bhutan can be found in the country’s forested valleys, or you can guarantee to see some by visiting the Motithang Taking Preserve in Thimpu. Once kept in a zoo, the once-freed takin preferred to roam around the streets of Thimpu, so now they’ve been (happily) returned to their enclosures.