How to Enjoy London On a Budget

London, England
Photo by Eva Dang on Unsplash

Money is usually the first thing that prevents us from visiting our favorite destinations in the world. As the sixth most expensive location in the world, London is one of those destinations that tourists are often scared of visiting. Here are a few tips on how to visit London on a budget.

Walk and Cycle

If the weather is nice you can always save some money on transportation by choosing to walk or cycle instead of taking the train. These are the cheapest options as you can rent a bike for only £2.

Free Walking Tours

In London, like many other major cities, you can always join free walking tours. These tours are an awesome way to explore the city with a local, hear interesting stories and, most importantly, get some useful tips on where you can eat and what to visit on a budget.

The London Pass

Tickets for the popular attractions in London are pretty expensive, and that’s why getting the London Pass can really save you some money. If you’re planning on visiting a lot of attractions such as the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, or St. Paul’s Cathedral, this pass is definitely worth the money.