How to Find Instagrammable Locations While Traveling

Travel tips
Photo by Mesut Kaya on Unsplash

It’s no secret that taking photos is one of the best ways to remember a trip, but for some people, pictures are much more than just a form of souvenir. Photography is great for self-expression in general, but when it comes to travel, putting a bit of effort into finding the right location can mean the difference between forgettable shots and images you’ll treasure for years to come. Read on for some tips for finding Instagram-worthy spots wherever your travels take you.

Do Your Research

Thanks to social media, once hidden gems are no longer so hidden. To find the most postcard-worthy spots, explore travel blogs and Instagram hashtags related to your destination. Bloggers and influencers tend to share content from lesser-known spots that aren’t likely to be overrun with tourists, so search through their pictures until you find locations you’d like to check out for yourself.

Ask for Recommendations

If you feel comfortable, try striking up conversations with locals or use social media to connect with residents in the area to ask for recommendations. Photographers and local influencers in particular may be able to provide insider tips on picturesque places and hotspots that might otherwise be easy to find.

Go Off the Beaten Path

Famous landmarks are beautiful, but they’re also magnets for crowds, which may make it difficult to get decent shots. Instead of trying to work around hundreds of people at well-known attractions, wander through side streets and small neighborhoods to find unique, charming backdrops. Sometimes, the most photogenic locations are the least popular.