How To Get Free Travel

Image by paw_da_traveler/Instagram

Most of us think of traveling as expensive. But did you know you can travel for free? We give you the lowdown on some really easy ways …


One way to travel for free, get fantastic work experience, and learn about different countries is to sign up as a volunteer. Organizations like the United Nations, ArtCorps, and the Peace Corps all offer assignments of a year or two.

If you’re keen on working on a farm, contact World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms to find a farm somewhere in the world where you can work for your board and food.

Walk or cycle

There’s no doubt that air and sea travel is expensive, so why not go by foot or by bicycle? Both modes of transportation are free, and you’ll get to see the world up close and personal. If you camp or stay in hostels, your accommodation fees will be minimal.

Crew a boat

There are lots of opportunities for work as yacht or boat crew so that you sail for free in the Caribbean, around Europe and America. And experience is not usually necessary as training is given. You’ll have an amazing experience.