How to Keep Your Plants Alive While On Vacation

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Heading on vacation but worried about your houseplant family? We feel your pain! Leaving the indoor jungle you have lovingly tended to fend for itself, or in the care of someone who doesn’t understand how much these plants mean to you can be tough! Follow these top tips to keep your plants thriving while away on your travels.

Drink, Don’t Drown

It can be tempting to give your plants lots and lots of water to stop them from getting thirsty while you’re away. However, this can cause root rot, pests, or even drown your plant babies! Water sensibly, ensuring the soil is moist but that your plants are not sitting in water. Remember, succulents and cacti go for weeks at a time without water anyway, and it is your tropical plants that will get more thirsty.

Adjust Sunlight & Temperature

The more sunlight your plants get, the thirstier they will be. Move your plants to the middle of the room or away from the windows so they will still get plenty of indirect light, but less of the heat and bright sun that will cause them to dry out.

Haircuts All Round

Going away on vacation is a great opportunity to give your plants the pruning they’ve been needing for ages. Cut off any straggly bits, remove dead leaves, and use neem oil to treat pests where needed. Leaving your plants in tip-top condition means they’ll be much happier on your return.

Find a TRUSTED Plant Sitter

Coming home to a houseplant massacre is the worst feeling, especially when it’s someone else’s doing. If you’re going away for longer than a couple of weeks, find a reliable plant sitter. That means someone who has a track record of keeping plants alive, preferably with their own indoor jungle too!