How to Pack Beauty Products for a Flight Like a Pro

Packing for a trip is the least favorite part of the whole traveling experience for many people, especially if you’re used to taking your beauty staples everywhere you go. There are ways to pack beauty products that won’t stress you out, even if you’re traveling only with a carry-on.

You know how you need to pack all the liquids into small containers and put them in one unreasonably small plastic bag, if you want to go through the airport security? It drives us crazy, too, but there are things you can do that will make your life easier.

Roll-on Fragrance

If you see you won’t be able to fit all your beauty products no matter how hard you try, the first thing to take out should be perfume. You can take a mini size of the roll-on fragrance instead, and it should be enough to last you while you’re traveling.

Multipurpose Makeup

Investing in multipurpose products will make your life easier when you’re traveling and when you’re at home. You can buy double-sided sticks that contain a bronzer and a highlight, or use your favorite lipstick shade as a blush and eyeshadow, too.

Choose Solids

Whenever you can, swap a liquid product for compact or stick. It will save you precious room in your tiny TSA-approved liquid bag.