How to Pack for a Summer Trip Across Europe

Europe summer packing
Photo by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash

A summer spent traveling across Europe, checking out different cities and countries, is a common and wonderful holiday plan. But there’s one bit that’s a bit confusing: what to pack. You don’t want to have too heavy of luggage, but summers in Europe involve both rain and stifling heat. So what should you bring? To help give you an idea of how to pack light but also be prepared for any weather scenario you might encounter in a European summer, here’s a sample packing list.

Packing List for European Summer Holidays

  • Tops
    • 2 (maximum 3) short-sleeved tops
    • 1 (maximum 2) long-sleeved top
    • 2 tank tops
  • Bottoms
    • 2 (maximum 3) pairs of shorts or skirts
    • 1 (maximum 2) pairs of pants
  • Outerwear
    • 1 thin rain shell
    • 1 thin sweater
  • Undergarments
    • 1 swimsuit
    • 3 pairs of socks
    • 2 (maximum 3) bras
    • 1 outfit to sleep in, ideally that you can also wear as a regular outfit if necessary
    • 10 pairs of underwear – you should never need more than this. If your trip will be longer than 10 days, plan to do laundry while abroad.
  • Shoes
    • 1 pair of comfortable waterproof walking sandals
    • 1 pair of comfortable waterproof closed-toed shoes, like sneakers or boots
  • Accessories
    • Sunglasses
    • A backpack, cross-body bag, or fanny pack

Optionally, if you wear them often, you can bring 1 or 2 dresses.