Make Your Next Hotel Stay as Eco-Friendly as Possible

Traveling green
Photo by Francesca Saraco on Unsplas

Traveling with a desire to make your journey as eco-friendly as possible is always a positive thing. Staying in hotels can be off-putting for some people since it can generate a lot of electricity usage and waste, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Be sure to follow these tips to make your next hotel stay as green as possible.

Leave the Lights Off

While it might be tempting not to worry about the electricity bill when you aren’t at home, it’s important to do your part in keeping your electricity usage down by turning off the lights in your room when you’re out and about on your travels.

Request that Towels and Sheets Not Be Washed

Hotels generally have a system where you can leave a note or a paper specifically requesting that they not change your towels and sheets. This is an eco-friendly practice because it reduces water usage and electricity usage which would happen in the washing process.

Be Responsible About Heating/Air Conditioning Use

Just because you don’t have an electricity bill to worry about doesn’t mean that you should go crazy with the heat or air conditioning in your hotel room. While you won’t pay for turning the heat or AC way up, the planet will feel the effects of doing so.