Strategies for Meeting New People When Solo Traveling

Traveling solo tips
Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Sometimes, the best plans for a vacation involve traveling alone to a long-dreamed-of destination. While most people would typically prefer to travel with someone else, there is really no need to be turned off by solo travel as a number of ways to meet people while at your destination exist. Use these tips to help meet new people with which you can connect while traveling alone.

Use Meet-Up Apps

There are a number of apps that you can use to connect with potential new friends while in a new place. From Meetup to Tinder Social, these apps use your geographic location to point you in the direction of people near you who are looking to hang out with others.

Stay in a Hostel

Not only is a hostel typically the most affordable option while traveling alone, but it offers a perfect opportunity for you to meet other like-minded solo travelers. Spend time in the lobby or in the kitchen to meet folks, or join one of the meet-up events that the hostel will surely host.

Sign Up for Tourist Activities

One great way to find other people who are traveling alone or in small groups is by signing up for tourist activities like city walking tours. Here, you are likely to find other people who might be looking for folks to join up with and spend time with in a foreign city.