How To Protect Your Body From The Damaging Chlorine

Image via Chris Kristiansen on Unsplash

Summer is here and we are sure you already booked your vacation destination. If the thought of swimming with fish scares the crap out of you, then relaxing in the swimming pool is your best option. But although the cold, crystal clear water can be soothing on hot sunny days, swimming in chlorinated water could be damaging to your skin and hair.

These few tips will help you to protect your body from chlorine.

Apply coconut oil

Applying coconut oil to your body or hair creates a layer which won’t allow the chlorine and other chemicals to get into your organism. However, if you use coconut oil on your hair, be sure to wear a swimming cap, to prevent the sun damaging your hair.

Shower before you go into the pool

Skin and as well as hair are less likely to absorb chlorinated water from the pool once they are already wet. So, don’t be lazy, rinse yourself before you go to swim.

Rinse with apple cider vinegar

Another useful tip to help you get rid of chlorine from your system. The natural substance of this clarifying rinse will also get out other damaging things found in pools such as copper, salt and various impurities and contaminants.